Taylor Adamson December 16, 2022

Taylor Adamson | 2022-12-15 19:59:10

"First off, I’m from Oklahoma and I’ve been looking for a turquoise necklace to give to my wife for Christmas and just hadn’t found “the right one”. I was recently in South Dakota to be with our son who was retiring from the Air Force and he took me on a drive in the Black Hills which was absolutely beautiful! We stopped in the town of Hill City and I noticed a cute little shop called “Jewel of the West”and told my son to pull in there cause I wanted to check it out. As I walked into the store I was absolutely blown away! They had the most amazing and beautiful selection of turquoise jewelry that I had ever seen! Needless to say I found “the right one” and probably went a little over my budget but I knew it was exactly what my wife had been dreaming about. The ladies tending the store were so polite and helpful and knew every detail about every piece of jewelry in the store! Needless to say I left there a happy customer and will be back the next time I’m in South Dakota! Thank you so very much!"
Denise Aamlid December 12, 2022

Outstanding Service

"I learned about Jewel of the West a few years ago when I saw their advertisement in Cowboys and Indians magazine. My husband and I make trips to the Black Hills twice a year and never miss going to Hill City so I can shop at Jewel of the West. Recently, I noticed that they carried a jean jacket which I had seen on the Double D Ranch website. Jewel of the West had it on sale for 30% off. I called the store and they had it in the mail to me the next day. That's great service! I'm proud to have a unique store like Jewel of the West in our great state!!! "
Val Pasquale November 22, 2022


Tanya Shippy November 16, 2022

Tanya Shippy | 2022-11-16 13:37:00

"I live in Missouri so all my shopping is done virtually. It’s a good thing I do live far away or I would be shopping weekly and have to come out of retirement. I love the uniqueness of the clothes, jewelry and home decor. I love the style and high quality of everything I’ve purchased. Great customer service!!!"
Lynn Schlesser September 30, 2022

Love This Boutique

"Every time we’re in the Black Hills this boutique is a must-stop for me! The staff is very helpful and patient especially when trying on the beautiful jewelry. On the occasion of my 20th wedding anniversary my husband sent me in to shop for some jewelry. Karey helped me choose a few turquoise pieces and set them aside for my husband to choose. My friends and I had a girls trip in September and our first stop was Jewel of the West. Again the patience and helpfulness of the staff was amazing! Make this boutique a must-stop the next time you’re on the Black Hills or Hill City! "
dianna August 8, 2022

dianna | 2022-08-04 15:57:58

"I was in town for a vacation and saw a dress at this shop that I passed by.... I could not get it out of my mind and when we got back I called and inquired about the dress. The employees at the shop were so kind in helping me determine if the dress would fit and picking out some beautiful earrings to wear with it. I am happy to say it fit and looks beautiful! The nicest staff ever!!!! My husband is happy we dont live in south dakota because his whole paycheck would be going to Jewel of the West! "