Sharon Bonawitz December 11, 2023

Sharon Bonawitz | 2023-12-09 18:22:42

" We were in the store last summer and were impressed so Telephoned order of Pendelton coffee mugs (Christmas gifts) The sales lady who answered the phone was extremely nice and helpful. Promptly filled the order and it arrived in good shape. Love the mugs, the store and the service!."
Starla Vander Molen November 17, 2023

2024-01-04 | 16:22:31

"This is my very favorite place to shop with my very favorite people. This is the top store in Western SD. If I need a gift or special outfit I will look in Rapid City but always end up driving to Hill City. Not only do they have the best merchandise but they also have the best customer service."
Maryla Robertson November 12, 2023

2024-01-04 | 16:22:30

"My first time and I could not stay out of this store! The buying is exceptional, something for everyone and every taste. Stevie and her crew are so warm and inviting. It takes time to see all their inventory. From home goods to handmade items, all top quality! I will definitely be following on video. Their customer service is excellent!"
Cindy M November 10, 2023

2024-01-04 | 16:22:29

"I like the quality of and store, but think the prices are high compared to similar stores and mercandise."
Logan Dailey November 5, 2023

2024-01-04 | 16:22:28

"The staff were amicable and helpful. I purchased a beautiful Browning skinning knife with a custom grip featuring a bear and bear paw. Great service, great prices, and great people!"
Shelly Ford November 5, 2023

2024-01-04 | 16:22:28

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Such quality!! Great people!!! One of my favorite places to shop!!!!"