Women’s Clothing in Hill City, SD

Boutique Women’s Clothing

Jewel of the West stocks a wide range of women’s clothing styles. In fact, we probably have the widest choice you will find in the Black Hills of SD. You can find anything here from kimonos to jeans to western wear. Whatever your fashion choice, you will be sure to find something exquisite here that will appeal to you. Visit to see our turquoise jewelry and houseware or contact us today!

Our clothes are designed to be worn every day.

All the garments are sourced from companies that value sustainability and quality workmanship to produce clothes that are just as kind to humans as they are to the environment. Whether you are looking for something for a special occasion or just something special, you are likely to find it here.

The following are the brands you will find in our store.

  • Johnny Was
  • Double D Ranch
  • Tasha Polizzi
  • Designs By Pat Dahnke
  • Tolani
  • Ivy Jane
  • Scully Leather
  • J.Forks Designs
  • Bohemian Cowgirl
  • Rodeo Quincy

Something for the man in your life:

Although we specialize in women’s apparel, we also stock chosen man’s brands. When shopping for your wardrobe essentials, there is no reason the man in your life shouldn’t be spoiled too. The quality clothes will complement your style, and he will love them too.

Some of the Brands to make your man feel special:

  • Lejon Belts
  • Pendleton

Shoes to turn heads

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. They can make a statement or just complement the rest of your outfit. And nothing says: “Hey, look at me!” like that awesome pair of boots. That is why you will find a wide variety of boots at our store. Of course, boots are not the only shoes we stock. Should you be after adorable sandals or casuals, we have them too.

Shoe brands to choose from: 

  • Old Gringo Boots
  • Liberty Black Boots
  • A.S.98 Shoes

Custom Hats to complete your look

The Southwestern style would not be complete without a hat. But not just any ordinary hat. Our hats are all handmade with quality materials and each one is stitched by hand. Each hat is individually made for a discerning wearer. All the hats come from Dusty’s Original Custom Hats brand. We stock both women’s and men’s custom hats.


  • Dusty’s Original Custom Hats

Jeans to wear every day

Jeans are such a versatile item of clothing. No wardrobe is ever complete without at least a couple of pairs. They are comfortable for work or play, and if you dress them up with the right top and jewelry, the pair of jeans will carry you straight from work right into the night for that special date or just a girl’s night out. Come visit our shop to choose a pair that is so comfortable; you may just want to sleep in them.

We stock Lola jeans that are as authentic as they are sustainable and rooted in all things denim. Only the best will do for our customers.


  • Lola Jeans
  • Ceros Denim
  • Oat Denim
  • Articles of Society

Perfumes to make him swoon:

Every girl needs her unique scent. The right fragrance makes you feel good and gives you the confidence to get closer to other people. Browse our collections from Annie Oakley Perfumes and Lolita for Women.

Brands in stock:

  • Annie Oakley Perfumes
  • Lolita for Women

Complete your outfit with a selection of handbags and wallets

The beauty, artistry, and quality of our handbags and wallets will surprise you and bring just the right accent to finish off your outfit. It goes without saying that we stock only the best quality leather and material handbags that are handmade and will make your outfit pop.


  • Juan Antonio Handbags
  • Pendleton
  • Buffalo Billfold Company